So you are a skilled web developer or designer who has spent months on building the perfect website for your client. The only problem is, you’re stuck at a certain stage and can’t proceed further because you don’t have the copy needed. And your client is incredibly busy so they cannot write it themselves.

Instead of running into this problem and potentially losing out on business, why not offer to complete your client’s copywriting as well?

White Label Copywriting Canada can offer you keyword optimized website written content in any tone and style you can think of – for a single landing page or a complete detailed website.

Website copy matters – and not just for SEO purposes. Well written content that is free of mistakes and duplications invites browsers to trust in a brand and what it has to offer, and it’s always important to get your client’s message right.

In the consumer age we live in, it’s likely that someone planning to make a purchase will spend hours searching for information on the internet for potential businesses that could meet their needs. When this happens, make sure that your client’s website answers all the questions that they could possibly ask and is ready to make a sale.

Here are some of the common pages we provide content for:

  • About Us – what a company does, when it was started, and why.
  • What We Do – What a company provides and how this differs from the rest.
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  • Our Services/Products – what types of services and products you offer. Please note that this differs from actual product descriptions that would appear in an online store. We provide this as a specialized product description service.
  • Our Team – Brief biographical profiles of key staff members and their relevant experience.
  • Contact Us – How customers should get in touch with you.

If you have any questions regarding web content creation, feel free to get in touch.