When To Upsell Digital Marketing Services To Your Clients And How To Do It

As digital marketing agencies, we all know how to cross-sell, but many do not make the most of upselling. And your agency should. Especially in times of a global pandemic, clients are shutting down marketing budgets, and new clients are few and far between. 

According to Instapage.com, “An upsell is anything that increases the price and functionality of the original purchase… A digital marketing agency might offer the purchase of additional content creation or paid ad placements.”

As a white label marketing agency, we care about your client base and its growth, and with this blog, we’ll suggest some ways you can upsell to your existing clients and boost revenue. 

Structure These Options For Your Digital Marketing Agency 

First off, you want to offer premium versions of what you already offer. Simply put, it’s offering more of the same service. For example, offering 60 social media posts instead of 30. Then you will want to offer customers an additional contract period and charge them a percentage of the full value. Why not try and make the most of the cost by offering your clients the ability to pay for services in installments, with the total of the installments only a fraction higher than the total lump sum.

So, When Do You Upsell? 

There is always a risk of turning the client away instead of turning the client on to upselling offerings. So, being mindful of the timing to make sure the client goes for it. The initial pitch is a great time to pitch for the upsell or after a milestone. According to Instapage, “Right after a customer signs, a contract might not be the best time to sell another product or service. Instead, give them time to enjoy the service, become familiar with your business, and develop a sense of loyalty and satisfaction. Then, if digital marketing or advertising agency has done its job well, customers are sure to experience some successes or milestones. Rather than let those successes only live in an analytics report, use it as an opportunity to offer a strategy that could take their profits to new heights, such as a premium version or options the customer hasn’t considered yet.” 

Let’s Get You More Clients  

If you want more information or support and additional ways to upsell and scale your agency and boost growth, please email support@globitalmarketing.com.


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