Smart tips on how to use PPC in 2019

The biggest misconception about a PPC campaign is its ineffectiveness as a digital marketing tool that does not yield the desired results.

Contrary to this assumption, PPC is an extremely effective method you can use to attract new prospects to visit your client’s website. In a PPC campaign, prospective customers are looking for what your clients are offering and it’s well known that PPC gets clicks when a person has an intent on purchasing. You will however require extensive knowledge and testing, including some ingenuity, to ensure that your clients reap the rewards of a successful and effective PPC campaign.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to use PPC, here are our top smart tips on how to use PPC effectively in 2019:

  1. Use PPC In Combination with Organic Search Engine Marketing.

Combining your clients’ PPC campaign with organic search marketing, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is an effective method to get your clients to dominate both organic search results and paid ads on Google and other search engines.

Prospective customers are more inclined to trust organic search results more, while some will prefer to click through on paid search results instead. When your clients’ brand has visible presence on both organic search results and paid ads, it is likely to encourage prospective customers to click through as their assumption is that they are an industry leader and an influential brand.

  1. Create A Landing Page

One of the most effective ways to increase your clients’ success with a PPC campaign is by creating landing pages jam-packed with high-quality content that encourages the conversion. If the landing page is designed to specifically cater to your clients’ ideal target customer, its chances of success for a click through and resultant conversion are higher as compared to a dull generic home page.

Some pointers when creating a landing page;

A landing page is not a product page as it serves the purpose of encouraging a call-to-action, for example granting visitors access to high-quality content when they submit their email address. Defining the call-to-action will increase the conversion rate.

PPC ads can also be promoted by creating several different landing pages based on the specified keywords. For example, a cosmetics website may set up a landing page which features a female model using their cosmetic range for women. And also, a PPC ad with a male model advertising the male range of the product.

  1. Using Site Links and Ad Extensions

After the creation of a landing page, the next step in sowing the seeds of a PPC campaign is to use site links, which will allow for the inclusion of several additional calls-to-actions in your clients’ ad copy. Using site links and ad extensions will provide you with the perfect opportunity to test the different calls to action to attract customers and get them to click through.

You have to keep in mind that when scaling a PPC campaign, each little improvement made has a larger impact on your clients overall spend.

  1. Set A Budget.

To ensure your PPC advertisement stops showing after it has reached your clients’ desired number of clicks, you can set a daily maximum limit that is provided by many PPC advertising programs. In order to safeguard your clients’ profitability, its advised to decide on the duration of the PPC campaign and set a daily budget.

When executed correctly, PPC campaigns can potentially increase the traffic to your clients’ website and their ranking on search engine results. However, this is a short-term solution, not only because it can be extremely expensive, but also because the success of the campaign will fade if used as a long-term strategy.



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