If Quality Content Is Important To You Then You Need To Read This Blog Post

Since Google and Facebook rate your posts on the quality they offers readers, then it should follow logically that quality ought to be your number one focus.

So how do you actively control and manage quality within your content when there is often a long chain of contributors responsible for the end product?

  • Determine your goal

You need to ask yourself what are you doing for the client and why are you doing it? What is the basic purpose of this project? Is it to gain engagement on Facebook? Is it to increase your SEO ranking on Google? Or is it farther down the sales funnel in which you want to alter your Call To Action? — Discover what your goal is and stick to it

  • Include everyone

Once your goal is established, you will then be able to communicate this goal to all persons responsible for the quality of your content being created to achieve  your goal. This will most certainly include copywriters and graphicdesigners, but may also include other team memberswhose expertise will be necessary for the completion of your project.

Be in touch with everyone and ensure that they all understand their role perfectly. This gives for a clearer understanding from the bottom up to the top.

  • Halt the process

Every project or campaign has to start somewhere. If the graphic designer has chosen a theme that is incoherent or is misalignedto the tone of the copy, then it is advised to stop the process. — Doubtless, there will be objections here; with the chief one being “cost”. If you halt a process, you will potentially cause a delay. A delay means time, and time, as we all know, means money.

However, we strongly recommend that in order to enjoy the best return on your investment in time and effort and your client’s investment in money, it is absolutely essential to halt a process at the smallest sign of trouble. Remember that dismantling a finished project just to fix one bug or one piece of not-quite-rightwriting can lead to a major delay for your client.

If you have not incorporated robust processes to ensure operational excellence in your content creation, we suggest you implement themtoday so that this new assurance of quality can meet the needs of your clients as well as the overall quality the users will ultimately experience.

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