When it comes to proofreading and editing, White Label Copywriting Canada can work with just about any kind of marketing or business material you can think of.

No matter how advanced you think your computer’s spelling check is, it will never be a match for the human eye and its ability to assess writing in a greater context. Through our team eagle-eyed copywriters, you can access this effort for your clients.

Proofreading is more than just looking at some text and seeing if there are any spelling errors. It is looking at the copy holistically, making sure it matches the style, tone and personality of the brand and that it doesn’t rely on cliches our overly complex jargon to do it.

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Here are some of the proofreading options we offer:

In Your Own Voice – taking a cover letter or personalized copy written by a business leader or key client and making sure it contains no mistakes, flows, adheres to the text limit and preserves the voice of the person.

Simplified – taking a large and technical document and making it understandable for the layperson. This is often used for clients or investors.

Standardisation – Making sure long documents that are compiled by multiple people are standard in the language used and style of communications employed.

Summarizing – creating single pages or paragraphs summarizing long documents or reports.

Adjusting – adjusting copy created for an audience into another one. For example converting a B2B document into a B2C document.

Data Capturing – capturing copy that is only available as a hard copy or image into an editable document.

Converting – taking an existing body of text or interview and converting it into various other formats such as blog articles, emails and social media posts.

White Label Copywriting Canada is just a phone call away, and we are ready and waiting to meet all your client proofreading and editing needs.

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Before publishing or distributing your clients’ content, let our proficient writing experts at White Label Copywriting Australia proofread all types of written communication to enhance its quality. 

Even what may seem an insignificant grammatical error has the potential to change the perceptions of the reader. See our professional copywriting team as a dedicated outsourced arm of your in-house team.


What People Say About us

Edward Plant Business Leader

"I was always nervous about using a copywriter due to it being expensive and having to do half the work myself anyway. With White Label Copywriting Australia this does not happen. It saves me and my clients time on my email marketing and blog posts and the quality and turn around time is exceptional."

Trudy Johnston Business Leader

"White Label Copywriting Australia's copywriting services are second to none. Responsive, high quality, well-researched quality copy. What more could you ask for?"

Simon Cook CEO

"SEO copywriting was never easy as we tried lots of copywriters but never able to get content, optimised for SEO. This finally gets resolved with White Label Copywriting, I can easily recommend them for SEO Copywriting."