Bringing Press Releases To Life

When a client does something worth acknowledging, a press release writing is the first port of call. Drafting a press release requires a special skill. After all, you’re creating a segment of information aimed at the mainstream traditional press (online and offline) that they could potentially repurpose or follow up on for a further press coverage and use to fill their publications.

When your client needs a press release writing, make sure White Label Copywriting Canada has a hand in creating what they need.

We can provide you with the following through our wholesale copywriting team:

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General News – perhaps your client has won an award or wants surrounding businesses to be aware of their presence. It could be that your client can offer a solution a problem that has recently dominated local news. This can be covered in a general news press release.

Launch – when your client is launching their business for the first time or perhaps expanding into a new or different market, you need a launch press release.

Event – is your client opening a new store or participating in a notable event, for example contributing towards a charity or making a donation? Let the right people know with an event press release.

Product/ Service – use a product press release when you want to let the public know about improvements you have made, an extension to your current range or if you will be holding a sale or clearing out stock.

Staff – If you are adding a new member to the team who has a background or experience worth noting or if your client is entering into a partnership, you will need a staff press release to highlight their accolades to their target audience.

Press releases are a tried and tested way of disseminating information. Speak to White Label Copywriting Canada’s press release writers if you would like us to step in and take over press release writing service for your clients on your behalf.


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