Add Site Speed Optimisation To The Mix To Make Sure Your Outsourced Content Creation Really Makes An Impact!

Every day, hundreds of small businesses and digital marketing agencies all over Canada outsource their writing services. It’s crazy to think that in the past, many businesses would have ignored this aspect of a website entirely. In fact, to this day, many businesses still do.

Thankfully, you’re helping those businesses to get that copy created through your agency and you’ve won the battle of convincing them that SEO copywriting services offer value that cannot be found elsewhere and that hiring a skilled marketing content writer will only benefit their business.

But now you have something else to improve their website: Site Speed Optimisation (SSO).

Site Speed Optimisation Unpacked
Agencies providing copywriting services to clients need to understand that what they’re creating will not exist independently of other factors such as SSO. Research shows that most Canadian small businesses are aware of the importance of having an online presence and that websites should be both mobile friendly and optimised for e-Commerce.

In addition, these clients understand the importance that relevant keywords have to play in getting the right customers to find their website through search engines, and so will invest in a website content writer (such as White Label Copywriting Canada) to provide them with this. But what happens when a website has all the above but doesn’t load quickly enough?

A website needs to offer all the above while still providing good site speeds. A website (mobile or otherwise) that takes long to load tends to be abandoned by visitors in a matter of seconds. Only in very rare instances are potential customers willing to wait longer to view a slow loading website. Outsource Web Design to get it fixed.

This might not seem important, but experts have calculated that a website generating $100 000 dollars a day in sales (something most businesses aspire to) can lose up to $2.5 million a year in lost sales. Now imagine the effect a similar loss would have on a smaller business with more to lose.

If you’re already a White Label Copywriting Canada client, the good news is that you can instantly start offering new and existing clients SSO services, starting today. It’s a great way to add additional value and go the extra mile, and one that your customers are sure to appreciate.

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