Here’s How To Split-Test Your Adwords Campaigns, Without Much Effort

If everyone knew the best way to attract customers, there would be no need for advertising agencies—but the truth is, it’s all about practice, trial and error. Just like any life lesson, it’s about finding what fits, what works. Advertising is the same. That’s why split-testing your Adwords campaigns is absolutely essential.

Here is the easiest way to split-test your Adwords. And the best news? It’s easier than you think and it will render results in under a month! — Here’s what you need to do:

  • Define your goal

Adwords all depends on the goal you have set for your client’s campaign. For example, if your client’s brand is new and wants to build awareness rather than bring in sales off the bat, then using the right metrics is key.

For this case, you could try testing your client’s campaign for a week by utilizing the “Click Through Rate” (CTR) on the one ad and then on the other ad, optimize the Conversion Rate only. By the second week, you should have clear stats and a better direction with which to report.

  • Modify your language

On two separate ads, keep the first line the same, which generally comprises your client’s brand name, but on the second line, alter it slightly. For example, if your client is offering cheaper accommodation in Vancouver, the first one could read, “$20 off when you sign up for this coupon” and the second could read, “Massive discount on your first stay when you sign up”.

After about three to four weeks, there should be a clear indication of what your client’s customer base prefers.

  • Test, and then test again 

It is well and good to split-test your Adwords campaigns, but it is really essential to keep the testing going. It’s easy to do and will give you definitive results you can show your clients.

They will appreciate this because it will enable them to understand their customers with better insight.

In the end, it should never be discounted that when you produce a new ad, it is necessary to monitor its impact by recording the conversion per impression, which is really a combination of the CTR and Conversion Rate.

Split-testing Adwords is a quick way to obtain measured results you can show your clients and then modify accordingly.

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