Great Copywriting Is Like Great Design, Invisible And Part Of The Bigger Picture

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

These are the words of Ernst F. Schumacher, a world renowned economic thinker, statistician and economist. And while he might have been referring to economic planning, his advice also applies perfectly to design. Even though the world of website design evolves daily, most developers and designers agree that the simplest website design is the best. In fact, many believe that great design should be completely invisible. As wholesale providers of white label copywriting services, we’re inclined to agree.

Does this mean that copywriting should never stand out and that you shouldn’t be able to see it? Not quite. It means that the various elements of it – from headlines, to “Call To Actions” to Contact Pages – should flow into one another. Just like a well-designed website can effortlessly make any browsing experience intuitive, your copy should anticipate the desires and actions of the person doing the browsing.

This means that you shouldn’t invest in obvious, pushy sales messages which only annoy and put off customers. Many clients still think that this is the best way to entice customers; by metaphorically bashing them over the head with copywriting demanding they try a service or a buy a product. In today’s world of information overload, customers can sniff out a hard sell at a million paces and run away.

What customers want is not copywriting that sells to them. They want copywriting that adds value to their experience, whatever that experience might be.

As with design, they want to be seamlessly provided with the information they need to move from casual browser, to potentially interested visitor to actual client and it needs to happen when they want it, how they want it.

So what does this mean for you as an agency providing copywriting services to clients? It simply means that you need to stop thinking of copywriting as a single player with a single goal and rather something that makes up a bigger picture – one where the consumer experience reigns supreme.

All you need to do is concentrate on creating copy that speaks to the customer without just selling to them – just as you would when designing a website!

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