A Secure Future Of Quality Assurance Awaits For White Label Copywriting Canada

A Secure Future Of Quality Assurance Awaits For White Label Copywriting Canada

While the Canadian digital marketing industry continues to expand, on a regional level research indicates that entrepreneurs and small business owners still value personal experience and that the vast majority prefer to work with partners who give them direct access to strategic business support and advice.

As a wholesale provider of white label copywriting services, White Label Copywriting Canada is already overcoming significant hurdles in terms of gaining the trust and buy-in of Canadian clients.

Past negative experiences with outsourced content copy mills (generated copy created by second language English speakers) have given the perception that quality is not a consideration when it comes to providing wholesale and white label blog articles, website content, emailers and more. For this reason, many digital marketers used to stick with expensive freelancers for perceived quality.

White Label Copywriting Canada understands that an external quality assurance mechanism of some kind must be put in place for current and future clients to get the assurance they need on the quality of the content they are receiving – whether it be a single short blog a month or dozens of extra researched blogs a year.

In this light we are proud to announce that we are appointing an expert as an ‘independent’ Quality Assurance Manager within our processes. Ali Sultan will oversee our operations team and directly report to our governing board.

We are looking to put in place quality frameworks and checkpoints to ensure that we can offer a predictable high level of services. A long term goal of ISO 9001 is also something we will aim toward.

When a client buys into our white label service they are essentially taking on the burden of quality assurance themselves, as their clients will never directly interact with White Label Copywriting Canada. By putting these assurances in place we hope to make the lives of these clients that much easier.

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