As search engines get smarter, the internet continues to get flooded with competing businesses clamoring for an appearance in the top results of search engines. As this has occurred, the search engines themselves have evolved to rank complex, long and well researched blog posts higher as they can create more backlinks. And despite what you might think, people actually do enjoy and spend time reading lengthy blog posts.

Are extra research blog posts better than standard length blog posts?

A standard blog post is about 350 words, more than the minimum required to rank in most search engines. Extra research blog posts are usually over 600 words and as there’s no single ideal length it can go beyond 800. Extra research blog posts might be the option for your clients if any of the below applies to them:

  • Your client wants to be established as a strong voice or authority in a certain topic. Search engines have been known to rank longer and more detailed blog posts that show that you understand something well and are willing to share your expertise with the world.
  • Your client can provide a definite solution or guide to solving a commonly experienced problem that customers frequently have – something that cannot be explained in a few short paragraphs. You can even get a template that clients can use to populate their own information to generate interest from clients.
  • You want to be established as a thought leader in a certain field with the purpose of seeking potential business partnerships and strategic meetings with likeminded organisations.
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Whichever one of the above options is right for your client, an outsourced extra research blog post option through White Label Copywriting Canada is bound to help you get there. It’s a great for leading into lead generation for content marketing too. For more information, get in touch with us today.