Email marketing is a great way to nurture prospects over the course of a sales cycle, so your client is always top of mind when their decision to purchase comes. It also offers the following advantages:

  • Unparalleled reach – all you need for assurance that your message will be received is a working email address, something that most people have and check regularly.
  • Longevity – emails don’t have a time limit on them, and neither will your message. It cannot be ignored and demands action, unlike other passive means of communication.
  • Permission-based – unlike most marketing communications, email marketing requires explicit consent from the recipient and therefore you have the assurance that the person in question wants to hear your message.
  • Analytics – with a clear call to action, you can track the success of an email campaign in detail, from the moment one is sent out to the second someone gets in touch.
  • Integration – email marketing is very easy to integrate into social media marketing campaigns and landing pages, at the click of a button.
  • Personalise – Few other mediums allow you to personalize your communications as much as email marketing does. Depending on how the email address was acquired, emails can be tailored to specific interest groups.
  • Affordability – email marketing is incredibly affordable and remains so in comparison to other marketing mediums.
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White Label Copywriting Canada can offer your clients email marketing creation. Our copywriting team is skilled in tailoring their messaging and will create a compelling and quality email marketing message that converts. We can even assist you to load campaigns into mail management systems like MailChimp if required.

Due to our ability to provide a full spectrum of content creation, you can consult us for email marketing that ties into other written content that we can also provide, such as on landing pages as well as in blog articles. To find out how to speak to us today.