Product descriptions & ecommerce content writing services are one of the most overlooked items of content that a business could need – especially if they have an online store. An incomplete, outdated or irrelevant product description will send potential clients away from your client’s site to the nearest competitor who can give them what they need to make a purchase on the spot.

Have you ever searched for a product that you needed online and found the perfect one – only there was no pricing information included? How about making a purchase only to find the product is not suitable for your needs and the product description failed to communicate the fact? If you have ever experienced this frustration you will know the importance of a comprehensive product description.

Here is some of the information included in a quality ecommerce content writing & product description:

  • End Results – what the product/service can achieve
  • General description – what the product/service does, its function and performance
  • Specifications – technical requirements such as product/service compatibility
  • Performance – the detailed output and operation of the product/service
  • Dimensions – the size, weight, height and composition of the product/service
  • Complementary – if the product pairs well or works well with another product/service your business provides

Why settle for the standard product description that has been drafted by the manufacturer of your client’s product? These are often written by people with limited English skills from international countries. With a custom ecommerce content writing & product description you can infuse your brand’s personality and uniqueness into what you are selling, setting you apart from the rest.

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Don’t forget that a product description will also tie into your social media marketing as well as certain landing pages on your website. For this reason, your product descriptions could only benefit from being optimised for search engines in terms of the headers, URLs, titles and meta descriptions used.

An advantage of working with White Label Copywriting Canada is that you can all of the above from one single source!