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White Label Copywriting Canada gives Canadian digital marketing agencies the ability to provide clients with wholesale, white label copywriting products. These products are often required by development and design teams when building websites, as written content is required for site pages in order for it to be search engine friendly and bring the right customers to the page from browsing.

You might use our blog article writing services to provide them with fresh and regular content to help them rank better. So what do you do when a client comes to you and is unhappy with the performance of their website?

You can offer them the White Label Copywriting Canada Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) service!

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If a client’s website is not bringing them enough traffic or leads despite your addition of quality content, there could be many other factors to blame. It could be down to ineffective SEO techniques, a less than ideal web design or perhaps the content is not enough.

CRO is a 6-month long process that first benchmarks a site’s performance and then uses analytics and feedback to determine how to improve these outcomes.

The CRO process will then offer your client several options that they can use to improve the performance of all the elements on their website, which they can implement themselves or find another service provider (such as your agency) to assist them with.

The CRO process is incredibly beneficial to even the best performing websites and can keep going for as long as your client wants to keep improving their traffic and lead generation.

CRO Flow Process
white label CRO
Our wholesale & white label conversion rate optimisation reseller, designed our CRO product to offer agencies and their clients an unmatched superb service.
Over the first three months of the process we will make use of advanced analytics and tracking tools to discover those areas that are responsible for poor conversions. Our specialists will then make relevant suggestions on techniques to improve traffic conversions. These techniques are wide ranging from improving and increasing the copy on the site to optimising the user experience to a complete web redesign with the end goal of increasing leads, enquiries and signups. During months 4 to 6 we will monitor the performance of improvements made and deliver a final report of the CRO process results.

Offering your clients access to a service like this that can provide them with actionable recommendations on how to get better volumes of traffic and secure more leads is one that is sure to add value to whatever you currently are offering 

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