When it comes to white label copywriting, most clients are familiar with blog posts, but many are not aware of exactly what it is that blog posts can offer. Here are just a few positive results that you can look forward to when you outsource your blog post copywriting to White Label Copywriting Canada:

  • This biggest and most obvious benefit blog posts can add to your client’s online presence is that if it is a made to be a regular part of an online marketing effort, it creates a constant source of fresh content for search engines to index, INCREASING VISIBLITY on search engine results pages for certain keywords or terms.
  • Blog posts are also a tried and tested way to DRIVE TRAFFIC to a website, and they can also be shared across social media, boosting one’s search engine marketing efforts. Research shows that a single blog post can continue to drive traffic to a page for months after it was first posted.
  • Each blog post published also helps to CREATES LEADS by allowing you to add a call to action to the bottom of each one that customers are more likely to respond to.
  • New to the market or industry? Blog posts can help your to ESTABLISH YOUR BUSINESS as a trusted and knowledgeable authority. Here you can educate new, potential and existing customers about what a brand has to offer and answer commonly asked questions, providing your target market with all the information they need to make an informed choice.
  • You can build up a relationship with customers by sharing information about you client’s business and allowing them to respond, interact with, ask questions about or just share what you have written. This helps CREATE TRUST in your client’s brand and familiarity that will only benefit them in the long term.

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