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Copywriting and content creation is an essential part of digital marketing. No matter what industry or channel you work in – be it web development, web design, social media marketing or SEO – you have probably worked with content or required a copywriting and content creation service.

If you have ever struggled with sourcing copy from unreliable and pricey freelancers or budget offshore writers with a poor grasp of English, then you will know that the Canadian market desperately needs access to a quality, affordable and wholesale writing solution provider. One that allows you to request everything from product descriptions to blog posts to press releases for your clients. And one that can provide it for a competitive fee – unbranded for your convenience.

It’s time you took charge of your content creation with White Label Copywriting Canada. We specialise in providing digital marketing agencies from all over Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador with every kind of written content, for every kind of audience and in every type of format.


Website Content

So you are a skilled web developer or designer who has spent months on building the perfect website for your client. The only problem is, you’re stuck at a certain stage and can’t proceed further because you don’t have the copy needed. And your client is incredibly busy so they cannot write it themselves.


When it comes to white label copywriting, most clients are familiar with blog posts, but many are not aware of exactly what it is that blog posts can offer. Here are just a few positive results that you can look forward to when you outsource your blog post copywriting to White Label Copywriting Canada…

E-Commerce Content

We offer specialised copywriting services that offer expertly crafted detailed product descriptions with one key difference – focus on customer experience. We have the time and in-house talent to devote to clients with high volume items.


When it comes to proofreading and editing, White Label Copywriting Canada can work with just about any kind of marketing or business material you can think of. No matter how advanced you think your computer’s spelling check is, it will never be a match for the human eye and its ability to assess writing in a greater context. Through our team of eagle-eyed copywriters, you can access this effort for your clients.

Press Release Writing

When a client does something worth acknowledging, a press release is the first port of call. Drafting a press release requires a special skill. After all, you’re creating a segment of information aimed at the mainstream traditional press (online and offline) that they could potentially repurpose or follow up on for a further press coverage and use to fill their publications.

Email Marketing Content

Email marketing is a great way to nurture prospects over the course of a sales cycle, so your client is always top of mind when their decision to purchase comes. It also offers the following advantages:

Extra Research Blog Posts

As search engines get smarter, the internet continues to get flooded with competing businesses clamoring for an appearance in the top results of search engines. As this has occurred, the search engines themselves have evolved to rank complex, long and well-researched blog.


If a client’s website is not bringing them enough traffic or leads despite your addition of quality content, there could be many other factors to blame. It could be down to ineffective SEO techniques, a less than ideal web design or perhaps the content is not enough.


With White Label Copywriting Canada, you can say goodbye to:

  • Holding up major development or design projects due to outstanding copy
  • Embarrassing mistakes being found AFTER your press release has gone to print
  • AdWords and PPC Campaigns that just don’t make sense
  • Social media campaigns that turn into social media communication fails

With White Label Copywriting Canada you will have immediate and instant access to a team of skilled copywriters who can create bespoke written content for your clients.

All you need to do to request something is log into our portal and follow the easy prompts, and a team manager will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Ready for a new way to approach your writing needs? Then contact White Label Copywriting Canada today!

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"I was always nervous about using a copywriter due to it being expensive and having to do half the work myself anyway. With White Label Copywriting Canada this does not happen. It saves me and my clients time on my email marketing and blog posts and the quality and turn around time is exceptional."
Edward Plant
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"White Label Copywriting Canada's copywriting services are second to none. Responsive, high quality, well-researched quality copy. What more could you ask for?"
Trudy Johnston
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